Dr. Benson's TNS is the most complete and balanced vitamin and mineral supplement!

TNS contains the highest quality animal protein providing 10 Essential Amino Acids not found in vegetable protein. TNS is a complete protein supplement providing 22 Amino Acids to aid your horse in achieving the optimum condition and peak performance! It does this by metabolizing the Special Animal Protein to the specific essential amino acids. They are the building blocks for the important albumin-globulin ratio. With the other complete and balanced essential elements it help's maintain normal blood count, hemoglobin and most importantly, ATP levels.

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the most important mediating component in energy conversion. As high quality nutrients are metabolized to the essential building blocks, some of the building blocks are utilized by the cell to manufacture ATP. It is during the breakdown of ATP that the energy for all mechanical functions, especially muscular contractions provided. Without proper ATP levels to counter the effects of stress and help to promote stamina and endurance, fatigue and injury may eventually occur.

In addition to the Special Animal Protein, TNS contains a complete balance of vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Benson's TNS contains:

  • A two to one Calcium/Phosphorous ratio which produces strong bones.
  • Supplemental Lysine which produces rapid growth of muscular flesh.
  • Supplemental Methionine which may produce a stronger attachment in the laminae via disulfide bonding.
  • Biotin for healthy hoof horns and integument tissue.
  • Selenium which is 100% biologically available and absorptive, protects ,muscle cell membranes and helps maintain hoof integrity.
  • Supplemental zinc which plays a significant role in wound healing, maintaining epithelial integrity, and in combating inflammatory conditions.

Feeding Directions:

1 scoop equals 1 ounce

Ordinary use...1 scoop per feeding

Training and performing for show, race, performance, and stress... 1 1/2 scoops per feeding

Broodmares in foal or with foal... 1 scoop per feeding

Foals, weanlings, yearlings... 1/2 scoop per feeding

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