About Dr. Benson's



Dr. Benson's provides the very best in complete equine nutrition. All of our supplements and liniments are simple, safe and cost effective.

Dr. Benson's was started over thirty years ago, when Dr. Lawrence Slobody, B.S., M.D. formulated a total nutritional supplement that would later become TNS. Since that time, Dr. Benson's has had one purpose--to improve the looks and condition of your horse through better health.

Through the years, people found how well TNS worked on their horses, and they began to try his other wonderful products, including Kool Blue and Formula-4. Dr. Benson's has grown dramatically since those early days. We now service the entire United States.

We are pleased to present an on-line shopping experience highlighting our top selling (catalog) products.  We do urge you to support your local businesses!  If you do not see a Dr. Benson's product on the shelf at your favorite local retailer, ask if they would special order it for you.  Most will be happy to comply!

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